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There are three tutorials to assist you:

Tutorial 1: Taking and Scoring the Survey (8.5 minutes)

This tutorial walks through the "taking and scoring" steps and can be viewed in lieu of reading the instructions contained in the survey document.

Please note the current survey version "self-populates" the scoring matrix and no longer requires detailed explanation. However, if you are using the manual version for printing a blank survey and filling it out by hand -- or you are simply interested in understanding more about how the scoring process works -- this tutorial will likely be of help to you.

Tutorial 2: Interpreting Survey Results (14 minutes)

This video tutorial explains the five-level framework behind the survey, including a description of the team development tasks typically facing groups at different trust levels. This video can be used to help kick off a group conversation about team members' scores.

Tutorial 3: Engaging the Team (14 minutes)

The third tutorial addresses how best to introduce the survey to a team and includes advice about how to foster productive team discussions about trust.

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