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Team Trust Workbook

The Team Trust Survey Workbook is a second tool you can use to help your team build trust. It is used in conjunction with the survey and has three parts:

  • Develop agreement about your team's trust level

  • Create an initial trust development plan

  • Employ team exercises


The 37-page workbook is a great place to plan the exact meetings needed to get a team development effort off the ground and keep it going.

Share it with everyone who is part of the effort, encouraging its use as team members prepare for group discussions and follow-up.

The eleven exercises included cover a wide range of topics, from setting ground rules to discussing undiscussables to fostering strategic innovation.


Feel free to download and use the workbook pdf file for free under exactly the same guidelines as the survey. Check out the Registered Use page if you would like to use the workbook and survey as part of a professional or commercial toolkit

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