9. Reflect, Evaluate and Learn

Reflection enables a great pathway started to be continued or a poor one to be improved or abandoned. By giving yourself a chance to think about the process you've been through, making the most of what has taken place, you thoughtfully build your learning. To begin with, thoroughly review your "brain dump" from Step 7, squeezing out discoveries both comfortable and less so. Looking back over your Targets, Expectations and Vision statements at Step 2 can jumpstart this final step.


What were the most important things you learned – about yourself, about _______________, and about trust-building work in general?

What did you learn about the "hump" you had to get over?

How can you apply this new knowledge to your work with _________________? With others?

How can you best build on your experience with ____________________, moving from a single conversation to an ongoing, trust-based relationship?

Did this process work for you? Why or why not?

Where to from here?

Record your responses on your Worksheets -- and you are done. (A celebration is in order!)

If you have questions about any part of this process, feedback, or suggestions for change, please feel free contact me by clicking the "Contact Me" link just below! I am very interested in finding out how you used this process, where you may have felt blocked or stuck, and what else you would like to make "reaching out" easier. Please help me make this the best free trust-building tool on the net!

Dan Oestreich